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why do you walk with the scars of past??

Sitting alone , gazing at the setting sun, I ran my train of thought imagining the past and thinking ”why my best friend betrayed me and left me all alone in the middle of life?”when I engross myself deeply in these thoughts, my anger erupts like a volcano, I’m mentally shaken like an earthquake and tears fill my heart like flood. After all these natural calamities, a long silence exist inside me which compels me to move out of my intermittent mood, rise like a morning sun and spread a new ray of hope which would brighten the entire earth.

I have now moved forward leaving all the scars of past behind but still some thoughts captivate my mind that “why did you do this to me”

Why you walk together for miles, even if you can’t talk for a while.
Why do you  care, if you  can’t share.
Why do you even try , if you can’t hear the cry.
Why do you  promise to stay , if your intentions are to betray.
Why do you try to mend , if you  were never a friend.
Why in my life did you come again, if you can’t heal the pain.
Something’s in life never change, so it’s better to stay out of range.
Don’t think this is the end,
There are many more things yet to comprehend.
Life will take you to other way
And I wish you all the best for that day.
If in future your path ever crosses mine,
I would definitely  want to know if you are  fine?
The Moto of life should be to move on
Because the past has already gone.
If you  want to win a crown,
You have to face some ups and down.
When God will bestow it’s blessings on you,
Your dreams are destined to come true


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28 thoughts on “why do you walk with the scars of past??

  1. Hi Vidhi
    I appreciate your motive. Nicely presented and expressed.
    All the best. Keep blogging 👍

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