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What if tomorrow never comes

What if tomorrow never comes?

Life is a one time offer and everyone of us lives with different perceptions about life, Some of us think life is just a routine and its as similar as dying everyday in installments but some think they’re born everyday and everyday is a new opportunity.

We wonder that why are some people successful and why they’re successful in almost everything but  have you wondered why?? The answer is they’re not like those people who are disabled people who are totally dependent on tomorrow and that’s the reason they fail because they expected that they’ll do it tomorrow..So next time if you find someone you like or some position you desired for in others favor just remembered you waited for tomorrow while others grabbed the opportunity!

Some people hold grudges,Some people wait to express it tomorrow,some wait to leave a bad habit tomorrow or find reasons to keep it for tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes because life is totally uncertain and it’s never promised to anyone,A person may be with you today but what is the guarantee of their existence tomorrow??So life is not about doing anything tomorrow or keeping anything in your heart instead just do it,just say it.The time is today, Right now!! Because “Tomorrow is never promised to me by any cosmic deity, So I’m performing to my fullest for seeing a successful me.”

The main cause of under performance is the assurance we give to ourselves that tomorrow is really gonna come but what’s lost today is your time and your today was your Tomorrow yesterday right!!

So the conclusion is everyday has to be lived like there’s no tomorrow and then success will be your like you have endless life.


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