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Updated phones Unupdated spirituality

We people  these days are more socially active and interested in memes more than spiritual texts or mantras.The modern era has bought a drastic change in all of our life’s and we like to keep us and our cellphones updated,that’s not bad actually but human being is an all rounder and being born in an spiritual Indian society,A land of avatars and miracles we’re forgetting out spiritual values and not even bother to upgrade it.We are following same beliefs and customs that are too ancient and orthodox.

One side we keep calling ourselves as modern people and on the other side, we still see our mothers prohibited from entering kitchens during periods??why and how like we don’t bother to find out the reason behind the beliefs.Like there is a superstition about the lemons and chillies tied which is said to be dangerous and we’re said not to even stamp it accidentally by our feets and I’m like why?? and if its so dangerous why don’t you use this instead of nuclear bombs?Cant you!

We are too feared by beliefs and we just do what we’re said to do and we’re happy with our updated cellphones and not bothered about our spiritual updation and to see India changing, We should eradicate and develop  interest towards such things and learn to apply spiritual knowledge along with scientific beliefs.

The quality to keep questioning everything as an atheist is better than being a unconscious and a fool theist who blindly believes everything without  applying his own common sense,and the saddest part is we’re passing same legacy of boring beliefs abd because of this our modern generation is loosing spiritual interests and they find it as fake.

So the conclusion is better than being in a trap of beliefs become a rebellious bird and awaken your mind to think and doubt everything.



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4 thoughts on “Updated phones Unupdated spirituality

  1. Very nice thought buddy loved your work.
    A good topic to create awareness among the people

  2. That is all lost by this generation
    but untill now,Keep doing your good work pal….I appreciate it and all will…God bless.


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