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My view on leisure
When I think of leisure,
What comes to my mind is pleasure.
Can’t decide what to do?
With having multiple options 1 & 2.
“Leisure is the time you need to treasure,
As it makes you forget all your pressure.”
It doesn’t cost you any revenue,
It could be just exploring new avenues.
For some it provides a way for money generation,
For some it could be just a method for recreation.
“Imagining our life without leisure, I fear
That day when our life filled with boredom will be so near.”

What does the term Leisure mean?

Leisure is the time one gets so as to relieve oneself from daily hustle and bustle of life. One finds time to pursue hobby or some spends their time while just relaxing and taking rest. So, leisure is the time when we do activities we love to do, be it a sports play, reading novels or may be some kind of stories or playing games, etc. So, when I think of leisure, it involves the activities we do lovingly.
Love and enjoyment goes hand in hand. If you love something to do, you will definitely enjoy doing it and leisure is not an exception. Leisure is time when one tries to do something to relieve oneself from boredom. Thus, leisure brings enjoyment in life.
We pursue the activity in our leisure because we love to do it, it brings enjoyment in life and thus invokes our interest to do that particular activity. For example, some finds interesting to cook or some sort of creativity or playing music, etc. For some it becomes a passion or for some it could be just a way to add some spice to one’s life.
When one pursues any activity continuously, you become expert in it. Obviously if one finds activity to be loving, full of enjoyment and interesting you can accomplish that task splendidly.
Leisure is the time to boost one’s skills or idea. One could be fond of just boosting knowledge by reading some scientific articles or new coding languages, or learning new languages like French, German, Spanish, etc, or might be widening the knowledge about current affairs. So, leisure provides a mean to upgrade oneself.
One of the synonym for leisure is recreation. So when the word leisure comes in picture, the another word that comes along with it is recreation. Recreation combines with it amusement, play time, diversion, happiness, etc. Now this is the reason why leisure and recreation are always paired together.
Obviously, seeing all the impacts of leisure in our life, it encourages us to go back in our daily life schedule with more enthusiasm and willingness.


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  1. The word ‘leisure’ is very beautifully expressed. Without leisure life would truly become monotonous

      1. Very Neatly n Beautiful Expressed.. I will definitely think abt it whn evr i get Leisure Time.. 👍

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