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The journey of four girls to Goa

Every group of friends in India will plan on going to Goa at least once in their lifetime. Not everyone ends up going in spite of all the planning,  creating whatsapp groups which is named “destination Goa”, “Goa plan since three years” etc. As every Indian college student my friends and I dreamt about visiting Goa one day.

I came back home after writing the third exam of my seventh semester. In the peace of the afternoon, the shrill scream of the cellphone woke me up from my sleep. On receiving the call, my friend Swara told me “Let,s go to Goa!”. The excitement in her voice tickled me. We then asked some girls, who backed out because their parents did not give them the permission. Words like ‘only girls’ and ‘Goa’ was enough to freak out an Indian parent. It was now just Swara, Ria, Shika and myself determined to make this trip happen. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

On the last day of the exams, the four of us met to continue with the planning. While Swara and Shika who had convinced their parents were searching for a place to stay and deciding the places to visit, Ria and I were worried about how to convince our parents. Ria was finally successful in convincing her parents after a week. Shika’ s mother thought this was a great plan because she wanted us to travel and explore and learn from the experience and she helped us find a place to stay. I was still not able to convince my parents. I decided to go on this trip no matter what. My mother warned me that I was responsible for whatever was going to happen and she wouldn’t give me any money. I was glad I had saved my pocket money.

It was an early morning train to Madgaon. I woke up excited and scared. Scared because I did not have the permission. It was just four 21 year old girls going to an unknown place in a country where there was at least one crime against women everyday.



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