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Social life at the verge of extinction

It was a gloomy evening. All of them were engrossed in their chores and I was loitering around sluggishly. The only entertainment left in vacation were the gadgets ( especially the mobile phone). I questioned my mother, “how was her life without cell phone?” It all began when she started reminiscing her old childhood days . She compared her life with today’s generation.
Earlier family gathering and get togethers were fun which now has turned to be a bore. They used to make excuses to meet their friends and we make excuses to avoid meeting them and instead waste our time chatting for hours making ourselves lethargic. From calling friends to meet for hangouts to calling them online , from going in groups for shopping to purchasing it online, from celebrating birthdays with loads of surprises to wishing them virtually with images of gifts and cake , from drenching in first showers of rain with friends to updating status with captions first showers of rain time has changed drastically. Do you think meal is only to satisfy hunger?? No, rather to show off and send pictures of the meal has become a trend. After winning a match , the cheer up and hip hip Hurrah shouts have turned to selfies and pouts.
Honestly I sometimes wish if tools such as iPhone, tablets, ipads mobiles hadn’t been invented?? Sure they are incredibly useful and fun time killers but they gradually alienate us from our family and social life .
Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat etc are like termites who has eaten up all our precious time . We simply get entrapped in them and get distracted from studies . While chatting online we cannot sense the true emotions and enthusiasm of a person . Also due to lack of face to face communication today’s generation lack the ability to interact with people on a speaking level.
Today’s generation is so addicted to internet that one can imagine a winter without cold, rain without showers but a day without internet is out of imagination.


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