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My beauty lies in my creativity

My creativity has its name,

and I want to make it a fame.

”My creativity is all about henna,

which truly is a bridal’s Gehenna.”

Though henna is in disguise,

but henceforth you can hear its voice.

For a women ,I am greatest of all possessions, 

hence applied on all auspicious occasions.

The true love present in your heart within,

is reflected on your palm without any sin.

The togetherness of two people tie them in a bond,

and then my importance goes beyond.

All the auspicious festivals fade their glory,

if my name is not present in their story.

This is not my only goal,

my motto is to touch every soul.

When human’s beauty is at risk,

I cover all their grey’s in a brisk.

My cooling quality will soothe your head,

and give life to hair when its totally dead.

Even with the growing market trend,

my importance will never end.

Either in verbal or in design ,

this identity is purely mine.

”My creativity is all about henna

which truly is a bridal’s Gehenna.”


45 thoughts on “”POWER OF HENNA”

  1. Excellent vidhi too good keep it up.It has definitely added more fragrance,colour and meaning to henna.

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