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With every morning alarm ringing, I ruin a part of my adventure I was enjoying in my dream. Those intriguing moments are disrupted and I am compelled to begin my day as usual with my daily chores. It all starts with galloping the morning breakfast, rushing for college, attending long hour lectures with piles of books lying on the table unread. The entire life gets trapped between studies and exams and a stage comes when everything seems to be monotonous and I need something refreshing from my daily routine

”Which calms my mind, touches my soul

Motivates me to accomplish my every goal.

Like waves touching every shore

Its rythm moves me to the core.

It can heal all my pain,

And revives in me new hopes again.

In my lonely times it can replace my friends,

Changing my mood in seconds.

It exists in many varieties of its own kind

revealing the untold stories of every mind.”

yes its music , which gives wings to my mind, flight to my imagination and life to everything. A Song is something which plays the moments , pause the memories, heals the pain and expresses the hidden feelings and emotions when even words fail to do so.

A life is incomplete without song

A song is incomplete without lyrics

And lyrics is incomplete without music

However busy the schedule is , one should always remove some time for itself , indulge in some fruitful activities , some past time hobbies or something which refreshes your mind and soul.

Because in the long run,

some changes definitely brings fun.


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  1. Vidhi ,
    You have crafted awesome topic and under absolutely correct subject. Congrats for such a marvelous,deep thinking and understanding at this tender age.
    May Godess Saraswati pour blessings in abundance.

  2. Very nicely written and something that is becoming more and more important in this rush life. Really deep and thoughtful

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