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If memes and novels were syllabus

If memes and novels were syllabus it would be so interesting  to study. Its a trend to read memes and also reading novels is a trending but the question is why?? Because they’re more interesting and properly present and there’s no fear to write it down as exams and you can even even keep updating memes according to your creativity. You can also make your own memes but there’s something different about novels it has a catchy title and interesting content, It has an interesting content that attracts readers.

The trait about syllabus is its boring the old school textbooks the content is already made by people of previous time, It was totally suitable for people of that time but now time has changed reading preferences has changed and if you’ll not update it with changing time then it would become boring and that’s what  exactly happened, Students find it too boring to read and they only memorize and write exams.

Memes culture and novel culture is developing more because of our retro learning and if we won’t enhance it then it would only lead to learning without interest and only manufacture rott learner’s.

The base of reading and developing reading habits would only grow if we add on to the content that would actually be related to teenagers interest and not only trolls but what if we make textbooks in comical way with pictures, It would be so unique that no other educational institutions has ever introduced.

We need  to do something unique because that would only contribute to learning, In whatever way it maybe.


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