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I met god!

“I met god!”

Since childhood I remember my unusual experiences and that experiences were awesome!!From the very beginning I was taught about god and I was told he has superpowers,he’s our caretaker our creator and he has created us.I started developing interest in god and I thought why can’t we meet him in humanly form,But they said we cannot see him because he resides in heaven,I agreed on this until I myself encountered with god!!

Yes that’s true,It was my realisation when I truly thought about what I was told about god and I found them!! Yes they’re my ‘parents’.Everyone says god is not visible but he’s invisibly caring for us,I’ve seen my mom caring for me day and night from the time I was born my mother was there for me,protecting me from everything.I wasn’t sent to earth with the knowledge of who’s mother but my mother definitely inculcated the knowledge of whole world and even about the god who created me,So such is greatness of mother who taught me about the creator himself!

I was told god has superpowers and after thinking deep on this I taught about my dad..Yes my dad sacrificed his likes,he’s favourite stuffs,he’s hobbies just for my better life and my future..So sacrificing is a superpower for me and that’s why we call dads as our hero!! “No appreciation for me?? He lies!! My dad is a hero who silently cries..”

So my parents matched every criteria that a god is said to have..Unconditional loving,Sacrificing,Caring and many more that cant even be counted.Anyone has never seen god and never met him but its not true we all meet god and that too daily,But the mistake we do is we try to find god outside in some heaven rather than just looking beside and seeing our parents.The human tendency is “We never value things we have.” But my realisation was so real that I didn’t require any heaven to see god because my search ended where my thinking expanded..!So respect them now until you find the real one!!



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