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Ahhh….From where does HAPPINESS comes? Does it come by being happy or Do we wait for happiness to come?

Yes….Nowadays the word HAPPINESS means being HAPPY and for some people its just to wait for the good things to come which will bring HAPPINESS for them….umm but for me its bit different….for me HAPPINESS is when i see smile or laugh on other’s face just because of me..and the biggest HAPPINESS is wen i help some one whenever they need..

So don’t just wait for good things to come which will bring HAPPINESS to your life…Just do good things for others and by doing that, HAPPINESS will definately rely on your face…

So being “SELFLESS”rather than “SELFISH” is the best thing you can be in your life..!!

Be HAPPYY in the little things you get in your life, appreciate it, accept it, and take it positively because every HAPPINESS starts with the little things..!! So just spread HAPPINESS all over..!!!


18 thoughts on “HAPPINESS !!!

  1. Wwwwhhhooaa..!!!! I am glad in this “SELFISH” world we have humans like you who work “SELFLESSLY” it was truly great to read your perspective.. I would requote for u ” in others happiness lies your own ”
    Thanxx keep updating your view go ahead..

  2. Real short and sweet way to happiness mantra.. Dwell more deeper while expressing your thoughts… It will be incredible! All the best! 😊

  3. Very strong point of being selfless rather than selfish in this world…
    Liked your view….amazing blog…
    Keep writing…
    Eagerly waiting for your next blog…

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