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Choices and Regrets.

Why do we have to make so many choices throughout our life!?And why do we regret them?!

I wonder if its just our behavior as humans! Life puts us in so many situations where we have to make a choice. Even as a young kid we are made to choose between various subjects that we want to pursue in our education. It then continues  in choosing between job and higher studies. A girl making a choice between her career and marriage. Yes, all our choices are made according to the norms of the society. But , how satisfied will a person be after making a choice. A student wonders what would have have happened if he had pursued Arts instead of Science. A woman might regret giving up her career for marriage and children. Is this just a cycle of life? – making a choice and then regret. Or can it be any different?

As humans we will always be put in situations where we have to make choices. It can be right or wrong , but we don’t know it. We make a choice based on what we think is right or what our gut says. We will never know if something is right or wrong unless we make a choice. There is nothing to lose, because you are either in the right path or you are going to learn from your experience. But we must always believe that everything happens for a good reason. So we usually make right choices. Sometimes we won’t know it because some choices lead you to long term benefits rather than sudden success.

What is the point in regretting and thinking if you have made a right choice when the decision is already made and cannot be undone. Instead of regretting the choice , we should work harder towards the choice we made because we made the choice according to our gut. One fine day when everything works out , we will know why we made that choice and might even laugh for regretting it.


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  1. I’m so happy at this moment..reading this. It’s so good.Keep it up bushu…..😘😘😘😘😘

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