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All you need to know about Dwarfs

Dwarfs are one of the cool and interesting topic in the field on Space. Dwarfs are nothing but categories of stars! There are many different Dwarfs in our solar system. Some of the interesting Dwarfs and their facts have been discussed below:

Yellow dwarfs – First and most known dwarf is Yellow Dwarf, because even our sun comes under this category. It converts hydrogen into helium to produce light, so basically hydrogen is a fuel for sun. 10% of stars in our milky way are Yellow Dwarfs. These starts are very bright so it seems like almost white color. These stars can live for 10 billion years. They are spherical in shape.
Known Yellow Dwarfs : Sun

Orange dwarf – These is one of the amazing topic to explore! Many scientists believe that we can find life i.e. extraterrestrial life in planets who revolve around these type of Orange Dwarf, because these stars do not emit heavy UV Radiation which damages human DNA. These stars can live for 30 billion years. They are 4 times grater than Yellow Dwarfs.
Known planets who revolve around Orange Dwarf : Alpha Centauri B

Red dwarfs – One of the beautiful Dwarf, lives long, about 10 trillion years, there are no red dwarfs that we know of in the universe that are nearing the end of their lives (That’s really cool!). They emmit less light.
Known Red Dwarfs : Proxima Centauri

White dwarfs – A small star, it is formed when all its fuels i.e. Hydrogen has been used up and left over is just carbon and oxygen. Some interesting facts are that even sun will one day become a white dwarf (sad!). White dwarf stars can explode several times, and yet survive. A typical white dwarf can survive more than 10^34 to 10^35 years.
Known White Dwarfs : Sirius

Black dwarfs – Black Dwarfs are hypothetical stars (No practical existence) It is a state when a star has emitted all its light and left with nothing. However, white dwarfs live for an extremely long period of time, with many of the ones detected so far being in excess of 10 billion years, meaning that no black dwarfs have had enough time to form in the Universe’s 13.8 billion year history. If these theoretical stars could one day exist, however, none are expected to be found within the remaining lifetime of the Sun.

Brown dwarfs – A failure star, who is unable to produce light or produce extremely low light. It is difficult to find because it is smaller in size. Some interesting facts about it is that Brown star is actually not brown it’s magenta or dark orange in color. Another interesting fact is that on brown dwarf rain of molten iron can be found.
Known Brown Dwarfs : Teide 1

You may share your thoughts in the comments below if i missed some Dwarfs.

About our SUN: Since Sun is now a yellow dwarf, after billions of years it will turn into a red giant which will be basically end of life and then into white dwarf! and after that theoretically into black dwarf. Sun will reach this stage when the heart has exhausted its primary fuel, hydrogen. Fusion reactions of helium then trip, and while the center of the star contracts, its outer layers swell, redden and cool.


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